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An initiative to diversify service delivery channels to enable the public to obtain government services through SMS easily and simply through a single number which is 15888. Users will need to register as a RAKAN mySMS before you can use this service by typing the following message:

REG MYSMS [Full Name] [MyID]

and SMS to 15888

15888 mySMS Services was implemented in MdI started July 2008 with three (3) types of services, namely:

  1. Information On Demand - IOD
  2. Document On Demand - DOD
  3. Complaint SMS

Information On Demand - IOD

The service offers information delivery sms to mobile phone users. This service constraints where only 150 characters only allowed to be sent.

Document On Demand - DOD

This service provides delivery of documents / brochures to email users. This service can be used to provide users with detailed information in the form of documents and forms for use by consumers.

Complaint SMS

This service allows users to make complaints to the agency required. This complaint information can be directly sent to email and mobile phones of an officer that manage consumer complaints.

Service Charges

IOD, DOD and Complaints service costs borne entirely by the user, as follows:

  1. Delivery charges = RM0.15
  2. Charge acceptance = RM0.20